How To Make $100 On WhatsApp Today (how to earn money online)

WhatsApp is a worldwide social media platform which allows users to make voice calls, video calls, send messages, images, files, voice notes and many other forms of media to other users on WhatsApp.

What Is WhatsApp?

In the month of January 2018, WhatsApp launched it’s business app recognized as WhatsApp business, so that business owners who have clients on WhatsApp can create an official business account which allows them to place their company site map and various services so that customers can easily contact them. 

Talking about how to make $100 on WhatsApp today, people really underestimate the money making capabilities of WhatsApp. People don’t really see WhatsApp as a platform where they can make so much money, people are always focuses on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and many others, they don’t really see WhatsApp as a business zone. However, I’m going to release many business tips on how to make $100 on WhatsApp today.

How To Make $100 On WhatsApp Today

1.) Selling E-books

I really love this concept of selling E-books because it’s more affordable compared to the one on one services. For instance, someone who offers website SEO services could be charging $100 for his SEO services, but can be selling his E-book on how to implement great SEO techniques to improve your website at the price of $20. This is trying to convey an individual that people will prefer buying the E-book to his personal services due to the fact that the E-book is cheaper in price, so you can see alot of people will really be needing this services online.

However, inorder to run this business successfully on WhatsApp there are things you should do such as:

(a.) Creating A WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp group is really is social gathering which allows up to 257 members to participate

in the group. You can open a WhatsApp group and name it “Cindy’s Services”, you just need to run a little promotion to get alot of members. Once you’re done getting alot of members, you can start sharing alot of educative contents which will help build up trust & also maintain their numbers.

Once you’re done with all these processes, the next step is to start selling various educative E-books to them, knowing fully well that they now have trust in you, they would always find it necessary to patronize your services, depending on the quality of information inside the E-books.

(b.) Creating A WhatsApp Tv

A WhatsApp Tv comes in form of a WhatsApp status, but not just an ordinary WhatsApp status. A WhatsApp Tv is a status which normally gets enough views on daily basis, atleast 500 views per post.

If you have a WhatsApp Tv which normally gets alot of views per post, then I don’t think selling E-books will be very hard for. You just have to make a short video of the E-book, it’s usefulness & it’s price, the more you get viewers, the one’s interested will be messaging you and you’ll be making alot of money from there.  

2.) Running Advertisements On Your WhatsApp Tv

I’ve explained alot about the usefulness of a WhatsApp Tv above. So if you have alot a WhatsApp Tv which gets alot of views on daily basis, it gives you a great chance for advertisements, considering the fact that there are so many business organizations out there who are looking for various ways of reaching out to many customers, so if you have a popular WhatsApp Tv, various business organizations will be paying you to advertise many of their products inorder to get more customers.

3.) Offering Social Media Services

On WhatsApp you can offer social media services such as Instagram followers boost, Instagram views, twitter followers boost, selling social media accounts, telegram channel subscribers boost, telegram group members boost, Instagram sponsored advertisements and many other services. The reason why it’s very easy to contact customers on WhatsApp is that WhatsApp allows you to message anybody from any location, it doesn’t restrict users like other Social Media platforms do. This gives you a great opportunity to message alot of people on daily basis, sampling your products to them and surely the one’s interested will patronize you.  This is a great tip on how to make $100 on WhatsApp today, depending on the number of customers you get on daily basis. 

4.) Article Writing & Copywriting

When it comes to Article Writing & Copywriting, people don’t really see the need to offer their services on WhatsApp, they only focus on organizations such as Fiverr, LinkedIn & Upwork where people post jobs and you can apply with your portfolio. I’m not disputing the fact that Fiverr, LinkedIn & Upwork is not a good place to Offer services, but considering the fact that the population of service renderers on those platforms are too much, so that chances of getting a customer there is very tiny compared to when you base on WhatsApp.

Another factor to put into consideration is that customers really love having a close conversation with their service renderers, but organizations such as Fiverr & Upwork don’t allow that unless the account of the service renderer can be blocked, but on WhatsApp you can make a video call or voice call with your customers and this also helps in building trust, so WhatsApp is really a good place to offer article & copywriting services, but how do we achieve this? It’s very simple, just be posting your services consistently on various WhatsApp groups & your WhatsApp Tv, interested customers will surely be contacting you. This is an extraordinary idea “on how to make $100 on WhatsApp today.” 

5.) Offering Music Promotion Services

There are many music promotion services you can offer on WhatsApp, such as SoundCloud streams, Spotify streams, YouTube music streams, YouTube Music video streams and many others.

There are many music Artiste who are on various WhatsApp groups and they’re trying to make their music buzz around the world. If you have an extensive knowledge on how to run music promotion and you have evidence of your previous services, this gives you a great chance to make alot of money on WhatsApp, because you can contact many artiste directly through their WhatsApp numbers and as far as it’s concerning making their music go viral, they’ll be so glad to order your services. Inorder to be successful in this, you need to join many WhatsApp groups for Music Artiste and start sampling your services to them. 

6.) Offering YouTube Monetization Services

According to the YouTube partner program policies, content creators need atleast 1000 subscribers and 4k watch hours on their channel inorder to be able to join the YouTube partner program, so they can start making money from their videos.

In an urge to join the YouTube partner program, they join so many WhatsApp groups to post their YouTube video links, begging people to watch and subscribe. What is this trying to convey here? Is trying to say that people who can offer YouTube monetization services really have a great chance of making money on WhatsApp, you just have to message many content creators, tell them about your services and if possible show them your portfolio, by doing this they’ll surely patronize you. This also samples a remedy to  “How to make $100 on WhatsApp today.” 

7.) Offering Web Services

Knowing fully well that owning a website is like owning a company, a website is great source of earning money. 

Many people wish to be website owners, but they don’t know how to create & design a website, so this gives you an opportunity as a web developer to make alot of money. 

Additionally, once the website has been developed, there are many other things that has to be done on the website, such as SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), link building, lead generation inorder to bring more visitors to the website. If you have an extensive knowledge concerning website, you have a great chance of making money on WhatsApp, you just have to join alot of WhatsApp groups for bloggers, message alot of participants of the group, samples your services to them and if possible show them your portfolio and I believe they’ll surely patronize you. I believe this is a reasonable suggestion on “how to make $100 dollars on WhatsApp today.” 

In conclusion, just put everything I’ve just written into practice and you’ll surely be successful on WhatsApp. is a business environment that targets serious entrepreneurs and individuals who are business-minded. The aim of our organization, is to share alot of ideas which people can use to make money in the world and through the knowledge we unveil on here, we bring up successful entrepreneurs and business tycoons. Additionally, we also publish interesting contents, such as news on various business activities that goes on in the world on daily basis to also keep you informed about the economy.

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