How To Make Money On Instagram

How To Make Money On Instagram

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is simply a picture and video sharing platform which was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in the year 2010 and it was finally possessed by Facebook Inc. The application permits it’s users to upload videos, pictures and other files which can be edited with filters and also made to reach more audience through the use of geographical tags and hashtags. Media can be uploaded publicly or within authorized followers (i.e for people who lock their profiles). Users can easily search for their friends, family and favourite celebrities, by just putting in their Instagram handle on the search column in the application and view their contents.

The platform possesses over 1.704 billion users from different countries in the world according to Instagram statistics. Immediately it was just launched as a media sharing application, it turned into a business zone. Millions of individuals in the world have fully taken advantages of it’s traffic, using it to generate alot of money in return. 

People may be wondering: How do i make money on Instagram? Is it possible? And what kind of businesses can I establish on Instagram?

In this article, we’ll sample out various strategies you can start implementing today, so you can be able to join the crew if established entrepreneurs who are using Instagram to earn alot of money.

How to Make Money on Instagram

If you’re very good in photography, you’ll have greater chances of making it on this platform, another extra point is if you’re photogenic enough, you also stand a chances of making it on this platform.

Below are various business aspects you can indulge in to make money on Instagram:

1. Become An Instagram Celebrity And Earn Money From Sponsored Post:

This opportunity is commonly found around celebrities, but one thing you need to have in mind is that; everyone in the world has the capacity to become a celebrity, it all depends on how you decide to play your card in life.

If you can get to a high status in the world, you can make use of your Instagram page to advertise different products from different brands.

For people who don’t know, an influencer is someone who has gotten alot of fame in the world, either by sharing interesting, educative or quality contents persistently on their social media pages. They have an appreciable number of active followers who enjoys their contents, so by this means, they now have the ability to convince their fans or followers from different locations to buy certain products and they also have the ability to make a commodity start trending in the world.

They have the ability to do such things, because they’ve spent alot of time to build a foundation of trust and good relationships with their fans or followers.

Brands have the great tendencies to partner with influencers, knowing fully well that those influencers have the ability to direct alot of traffic to their company or platform and by this means, they’ll end up generating alot of money. Inorder to be perfect in this area, you need to learn how to boost your Instagram followers. This is a great idea on how to make money on Instagram.

2. Become An Affiliate Marketer And Earn Money By Marketing Other People’s Products:

You can start marketing the products of other people and get a percentage profit from the money realized from any particular sale you make through affiliate programs.

If you closely observe the first aspect above which is referring to how influencers make money on Instagram, you’ll discover that there’s no much different between an influencer and an affiliate marketer, because in the both of them you need a good number of followers inorder to be patronized.

The only difference between an influencer and affiliate marketer is that an affiliate works towards selling products for a brand and end up getting a commission from any sales realized on daily basis, but an influencer is paid for the purpose of making the company or brand to be a trend or for the brand to get more awareness. For example; if you open a new company toady, have in mind that nobody knows about the company, so inorder to create more awareness for the company, you’ll be needing the help of various influencers who can be able to advertise your contents to their fans or followers, after this you’ll need to be making more sales inorder to be making more money, inorder for you to achieve this, you’ll definitely be needing the assistance of an affiliate marketer who will also be assisting in marketing the products, on the condition of taking some percentage of any money made that is acquired from sales.

As an affiliate, you’re meant to be registered with the company and you’ll have a dashboard on the company. On your dashboard, you’ll be provided with your personal affiliate link which helps the brand to track the number of customers who purchased products from you and from there you’ll be receiving your commissions.

Make sure you always share contents that are engaging on your page. On your page, you can decide to paste your affiliate link on your profile and as users engage with your interesting contents, they’ll also have a chance of clinking on the link on your profile and by this means, you’ll be making alot of money from sales.

This may seem like a difficult task, but affiliate marketing has alot of goodies if you plan on becoming successful. You can also expand your costumers reach by getting a website for your business also. This is also a great idea on how to make money on Instagram. 

3. Start Selling Instagram Captions:

Alot of business owners make use of Instagram to advertise it promote their goods and services, but not all of them knows how to generate good captions for their post. If you are blessed with the ability of generating good captions for yourself, then you have a chance in to make money from this section, because you can provide your services to these companies and get paid in return. Have in mind, they’ll rate you according to your ability to write engaging captions.

To attract business owners to your skill, write and insert alot of good captions on your Instagram page. Then extract the ones that have the highest engagement on your page and store them in your portfolio. Opportunities can trample on your feet, when a business hires you to create engaging captions for their Instagram post, you’ll then sample your portfolio to show them how good and creative you are, from this point, you can make alot of money.

How Much Can I Be Paid For Instagram Captions?

It all depends on you, because there’s no fixed price for this, if business owners come in contact with you, it’s now your choice to bill them anyhow you wish, giving them the assurance that the caption is really going to increase their post engagement. 10 dollars per caption (if you wish). Very nice tip on how to make money on Instagram. 


4. Become A Personal Assistant To An Established Influencer:

If you love being a backbone to people, you can fit well in this prospect. 

Many celebrities in the world don’t really have time to be doing alot of things at the same time, so they’ll be needing personal assists which can be helping them in scheduling post, running advertisement, deleting fake followers, protecting their accounts from being hacked and many other things.

By this means, you can apply to work for a celebrity, depending on the particular skills you possess and in return you get paid. A simple way on how to make money on Instagram. 

5. Start Selling Poster Pictures And Other Valuable Products:

Instagram is just revolving around what we can see, that’s why beautiful or attractive product’s and pictures end up getting huge sales. 

You can start marketing poster pictures, paintings, animation, videos, drawings and other attractive media. On each of the post also add interesting captions and also direct you fans to click on the link in your biography. It’s also a good way of making money from Instagram.

If you’re photogenic and you always take nice pictures, there are slight chances that you’ll be able to make alot of money from there, because people can pay you for nice shots, use best picture editing applications for mobile phones to get the best outcomes. 

You can also advertise your photography portfolio using relevant photography hashtags on Instagram. Nice step on how to make money on Instagram.

6. Start Selling Your Own Physical Products:

You can make money on Instagram by selling your own physical products which you produce by yourself or the ones you buy from wholesalers. Inorder to venture into this you would need some capital you’ll use to be buying products and sell it to your customers at your own price and you’ll end up making good profits also.

You’ll also require a place or a spare house where you can be, because this work be needed when you have plans on buying products in bulk, so you’ll need a place to be storing them. Also a nice tip on how to make money on Instagram.


7. Venture Into Dropshipping: 

Dropshipping is simply a kind of business, whereby you can run a store online, sell good, without  being the direct owner of the goods you’re selling. 

Once you’ve sold a product, the supplier will ship your products from their warehouse down to the costumers house. You don’t need to worry about packing, storing or shipping your products.

You can set up a dropshipping store with ease just  through Shopify’s e-commerce platform (which gives you a free trial for 14 days) and and other applications like DSers. Nice tip on how to make money on Instagram.

Gradually look at the various aspects (how to make money on Instagram) mentioned above and fit yourself into any section you feel you can handle properly and you’ll surely be successful. is a business environment that targets serious entrepreneurs and individuals who are business-minded. The aim of our organization, is to share alot of ideas which people can use to make money in the world and through the knowledge we unveil on here, we bring up successful entrepreneurs and business tycoons. Additionally, we also publish interesting contents, such as news on various business activities that goes on in the world on daily basis to also keep you informed about the economy.

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